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First hotel at the national park

Your destination: Natur und Sport Hotel ZUFLUCHT


Treat yourself to your individual and personal break in the family-run 3-star superior hotel DIE ZUFLUCHT in the Black Forest in a fantastic panoramic location with 360° mountain views. Recharge your batteries in this unique place of power, where the hotel is located in the middle of the Black Forest National Park between Freudenstadt and Bad Peterstal-Griesbach.

Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald
Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald

Switch off in the hotel in the Black Forest

Switch off. withdraw. take time out.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the impressive panorama from Rossbühl with a view of the Vosges. As a non-smoking hotel, DIE ZUFLUCHT offers you a smoke-free break indoors. Experience wellness, relaxation and literary moments in the hotel in the Black Forest.

Remember: Time out is in season all year round.

time out in Hotel in the Black Forest

Just feel new again. The Hotel DIE ZUFLUCHT in the northern Black Forest is a place of retreat, relaxation, mental and healthy time-out. A place to take some time out for yoga and wellness at almost 1000 meters on the Black Forest High Road.

Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald
logo hotel zuflucht 2


It is not surprising that people often seek their center. After all, Homo Sapiens 2.0 is constantly under extreme pressure to perform, many even 24 hours a day. You have to have a business lunch, business brunch, business talk, business blog, like Facebook, upgrade, shop late, outsource, outburn. The middle can sometimes get lost. The reassuring thing: the center can be found again.

Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald
Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald

Relaxing moments that reinvigorate

Connected with the unique location at an altitude of almost 1000 meters on the Oppenauer Steige and the wide range of excursion options. Experience your individual regeneration break with many inclusive services during a holiday in the Hotel ZUFLUCHT near Freudenstadt. Yoga courses with our competent yoga teacher will help you to find your centre.

Pamper your soul with hikes and discover the Northern Black Forest.

Experience a pleasurable break in the hotel in the Black Forest and draw new energy for life.

DIE ZUFLUCHT for a charming break in the Black Forest

A pleasant hotel size with 45 rooms, the location on a sunny high plateau with a 360° mountain panorama. A light-flooded architecture connects the historic traditional house with the modern part, in the middle our small BERG-SPA with a new relaxation room made of Zurben wood. As well as the special service quality of the host family and their team are unmistakable and unique. The hotel in the Black Forest with a unique philosophy, sustainable principles and incomparable charm guarantees a break at a meaningful level.

Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald