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Fitness & Nature

body - mind - nature

Pure life energy in the Zuflucht

The mountain fuels the urge to move. Days at the ZUFLUCHT mean finding time and leisure to focus on yourself and your own physical and mental well-being.

Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald
Natur und Sport Hotel Zuflucht im Schwarzwald


The desire to exercise in nature, which demands body, mind and soul in equal measure, finds the ideal space to develop in the forests and on the meadows around the ZUFLUCHT.

Untouched and natural like the landscape itself, people can find their way back to their own roots much more quickly and effectively. The causal connection between us humans and nature as a motor for a new urge to move and the joy of rediscovering yourself in training sessions for body, mind and soul.

Each season exudes its own charm and brings with it its own energy of change.

Some call it freedom. We call it the Zuflucht Effect.

logo hotel zuflucht 2

Yoga individual training

Experience strength and stability as well as the balance in YOURSELF – through physical exercises that are tailored to your needs. You can experience yourself in a completely new way by observing your breathing and gently directing your breathing. Relaxation techniques give you serenity and balance for everyday life. We ask that you come to this treatment in light leisure clothing!

60 minutes of pampering EUR 85,-

Surcharge 2nd person EUR 25,-

The traditional movements of classic yoga are practiced in hanging towels made of a special fabric. An Aerial Flow Yoga class brings the following 5 elements together: lightness, strength, flexibility, acrobatics and relaxation. In coordinated exercise sequences we strengthen and stretch the body in order to then easily hang upside down in the towels or float through the room. We ask that you come to this treatment in light leisure clothing!

60 minutes of pampering EUR 95,-

Surcharge 2nd person EUR 25,-

Yoga therapy treats the person and not the disease. By strengthening your inherent strength together with you, we bring about change – healing changes in body and mind. Yoga therapy is an integrative practice, bringing body, mind and breath together. It is used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, the neurological and immunological system, the digestive tract, as well as for depressive disorders, dependencies, stress and anxiety. Yoga therapy does not replace conventional medical treatment. We ask that you come to this treatment in light leisure clothing!

60 minutes of pampering EUR 95,-

Top offers
for your holiday in the
Black Forest


3 nights
Time out before Christmas
from 299,- p.p.

pre-Christmas days

Take a conscious break before Christmas to immerse yourself in the most beautiful time of the year full of energy and strengthened.

5 nights
23.12. - 28.12.2022
from 499,- p.p.


Christmas like before – touching, loving and personal.

6 nights
28.12.2022 - 03.01.2023
from 699,- p.p.

Happy New Year

Take a short break and look forward to the turn of the year with our New Year’s Eve offer in the wintry northern Black Forest.